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Marjon Carlos, Senior Fashion Writer at Vogue

Most writers dream of landing a coveted position at the epicenter of fashion journalism—Vogue. Lucky for us, we got to chat with the magazine’s Senior Fashion Writer and all around beautiful human, Marjon Carlos. From her Texas upbringing to her unconventional path to success, Marjon shows us you can do it all—while still remaining painfully humble and infinitely cool. Don’t believe us? Check out her interview below or stalk her on Instagram. Either way, you just might find the inspiration you’ve been looking for. READ MORE

Melissa Bon, Parisian-Based Singer

Paris-based singer Melissa Bon is the French girl we've all dreamt of becoming. From her hauntingly charming voice to her minimal, poised appearance, she's one of those women you automatically want to know. Maybe it's in her melodies, maybe it's in her eyes—there's something mysteriously sound about her, which is precisely why we sat down the beauty herself. From her earliest musical memories to her ever-changing daily moments, here's an introduction to one of our favorite muses. READ MORE

Somegirls, Exploratory Content

There’s nothing quite like the art of the side hustle. Enter Mary, Lizard, Meg, and Ashley of Some Girls—the full-time working ladies that lend their free time straight to our screens with what they call “a space to explore.” In this exploratory space, Some Girls takes us on a highly visual journey mixed with playful gifs and inspiring stories of women they admire. The ladies chronicle each feature by creating beautiful imagery and interviews intertwined with their signature vintage vibes. We caught up with them during their exclusive shoot for Lisa Says Gah to chat about all the good stuff—from disco to life advice to keeping the side hustle alive. READ MORE


Claire Hungerford, Artist + Graphic Designer at Commune

When it comes to design, there's nothing better than a fresh perspective. Los Angeles-based artist and graphic designer Claire Hungerford has just that. With an innovative artistic approach and impeccable personal style, she's creates graphics by day at Commune and gives us killer outfit inspiration by night. From her favorite project to date to why she's all about trying "weirder outfits" in 2017, get to know Claire below. READ MORE