As the Managing Editor for Nasty Gal, I wrote many long form articles and specialized in music content. Here is a small selection of the pieces I wrote for Nasty Gal's online magazine, Nasty Galaxy.


This was a series I developed to highlight up & coming artists. Every quarter, I would identify 3-5 musicians you needed to listen to along with graphics.

Listen Up: Volume 1
Joyce Wrice, Gavin Turek, and Maxine Ashley


Drop everything—these are the three artists you need to know about right now. Joyce Wrice might be the nicest person you’ve ever met—insanely polite, soft spoken, and eyes that light up every time you bring up big dogs (her favorites are Rottweilers and pit bulls)–oh, did we mention that she spends her spare time tutoring kids how to speak English?  “My mom is from Japan and my dad is from Louisiana and Michigan, so I’m fluent in Japanese and English,” says Joyce while playing with her signature mane. Yea, she’s the literal best. READ MORE



Listen Up, Volume 2: The Duos You Need to Know in Music Right Now

Ibeyi, DVSN, Nimmo

On this volume of our Listen Up series, we discover why two is almost always better than one. Apologize to your neighbors in advance, cause you’re gonna want to turn this sh*t way up. We’ve all wanted to be a twin at some point—whether it was a full on Mary-Kate and Ashley moment or Lindsay (pre-breakdown) in The Parent Trap. Recently, we found the twins we’d trade in all the other ones to be: Ibeyi. Born in Paris and raised between their hometown and Cuba, the duo features Lisa-Kaindé Diaz on vocals and keys and Naomi Diaz on vocals and traditional Cuban percussion. Oh, you might have seen them in all of their beautiful, big-haired glory on Beyoncé’s LemonadeREAD MORE


Listen Up, Volume 3: The First Ladies of Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days In LA
Kelsey Lu, Charlotte Day Wilson, Dizzy Fae, Tasha the Amazon

2016 has been a good one for the ladies. We got half of the election (soon to be whole) and over half of the United States’ Olympic medals, so we were happy to see Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days In LA follow suit with a 50% female lineup. More than just gender and ratios, the women we’re featuring on this round of our Listen Up series are up & comers with innovative musical approaches, intelligently thought-out lyrics, and of course, inspirational style. So sit back, relax, and get ready to meet all the new ladies you need in your life—and if you’re in Los Angeles, be sure to check them out this November. READ MORE


TXTBK Series

This was a recurring idea I created as an educational series of trends to help our customers understand the importance of certain trends.


TXTBK: Disco 101

We’re taking a cue from Studio 54 this holiday season and opting for tons of sequins, shine on shine, and our highest platforms. You guessed it—disco has officially arrived. That’s why we put together a list of music, movies, and icons you need in your life. So here is your guide to all things disco, curated by our very own connoisseur of the era, Meredith Hunter. Disco ball not included, but highly encouraged. READ MORE


TXTBK: Vagabond 101

With fall right around the corner, we’re taking style cues from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s to make saying goodbye to summer just a little easier. We’re talking rock n’ roll elements mixed with bohemian silhouettes, resulting in a little something we’re calling Vagabond. In that spirit, we put together a list of music, movies, and icons you need to check out ASAP (that’s right, even your Netflix cue needs a break sometimes). Here’s your cheat sheet to our latest obsession, curated by our very own purveyor of all things retro, Meredith Hunter. READ MORE



Here are a few more select stories I wrote for Nasty Galaxy, Nasty Gal's online magazine.

Glossier: Like a Real-Life Instagram Filter, but Better

All hail Glossier—the cool girl skincare and makeup line that’s all about beauty in real life. So this thing happened to me recently: I traded in body soap (which I used as face wash…yikes) for a fancy cleanser and replaced my Aveeno Body Lotion facial moisturizing routine (judge away…) with a full on cleanser, facial oil, moisturizer, and rose mist regimen. Suddenly I was wearing less makeup, my skin felt good, and I fell in love with Glossier, the brainchild of Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss—it made me actually want to take care of my skin.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to how I converted. READ MORE


From Elvis Presley to John Lennon to Johnny Cash, Nashville legend Manuel Cuevas has bedazzled the shit out of everyone who’s anyone. We met up with Manuel at his studio in Nashville to hang out, but mostly just freak out over his western-meets-rock ‘n’ roll custom suits dripping with rhinestones, fringe, and serious vibes (we even got to check out his limited edition 50 State Jacket Collection—these literal pieces of art can only be found in museums and Manuel’s studio). When I ask the man who once trained under Nudie Cohn about being a tailor and designer to music icons throughout the decades (Jackson Five, Dolly Parton, Gram Parsons, Frank Sinatra—you name ’em, he’s dressed ’em), he simply said, “I tell you from my mother’s heart, I am nobody’s tailor. I have made clothes for presidents, princes, and queens—I’m a designer to the world.” So we strayed away from tailor talk, focused on designer talk, and got to know why he couldn’t get Jimi Hendrix out of his jacuzzi. READ MORE

Inside the Courtney Love Collab: Sophia Amoruso on Kinderwhores, Cakes & Coffee

Some things just make sense together: pizza and juice cleanses, all-denim lewks, hangovers and Clueless—you get it. So when we got together with Courtney Love, we knew we were a match made in renegade fashion heaven. Our first celeb collaboration with the one and only icon herself is like a ‘90s dream with the babydoll silhouettes, slip dresses, and kinderwhore-inspired colors to prove it. To give you the insider scoop on all things Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal, we sat down with Sophia and our Intimates & Swim Designer, Sarah Godshaw to get the lowdown on our exclusive collection. READ MORE