Podcasts + Panel Moderation


Moderated a panel during TechCrunch Disrupt SF featuring top female executives at Google, Her, Lisa Says Gah, and Nest.

On-Camera Speaker

These are the words that were formulated from the most powerful person on the planet. Words can heal. Words can harm In this case; words have been used to belittle, objectify and degrade women. Putting these words in the mouths of women allows them to gain the power.

Host + Curator

A bi-monthly podcast celebrating women of color and topics surrounding them. The podcast is a brand extension of TONAL magazine.

Curator + Select On-Air Interviews

The New Rules podcast celebrates and showcases entrepreneurial creatives across the globe. Hosted by Jason Stewart.

Moderator, Soho House + ASOS

Host for an intersectional feminism panel at Soho House for the ASOS Supports Talent series. The panel will take place on March 27th, 2016.


You've listened to True Crime podcasts before, but we assure you, the story we tell is nothing like anything you've heard to before.